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Thanksgiving Menu

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  • Organic Mixed Green Garden Salad w/ House Made Vinaigrette
    All Natural Herb Roasted Turkey w/ Sage Gravy & Cranberry Orange Relish

    Serves 8-10 people

    $325 + tax & Delivery when applicable. Free delivery available to many locations inside the perimeter

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Important Things to know

When will the deliveries be made?

All thanksgiving meals will be delivered on Thursday Morning between 8 am and 11am

Will I have to reheat the food?

You dinner will arrive cold with specific re-heating instructions to insure your dinner perfect.

How is the food packaged?

All of the food will be packaged in aluminum pans and can easily be transferred into your serving pieces.

Will the turkey be whole or sliced?

For your convenience and optimum re-heating the turkey will already be sliced.

Please call us or e-mail us directly with any questions or concerns

All sales final

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